Other Services

Other Services

Through our company we have the capability to deliver a broad range of quality financial solutions and services to achieve your financial goals.

Below is a listing of other services and solutions we can offer.

  • Hourly Consulting for financial advice
  • Financial Planning Literacy
  • Investor Awareness Program
  • Financial Planning Training
  • Financial Planning Education
  • Seminar and Workshop
  • CFPCM  Certification Program – The Authorized Education Provider, FPSB, USA – in association with Financial Planning Academy, Mumbai (Last 10 years at Bhubaneswar, Odisha)

Once your information has been obtained and your goals have been defined, we’ll go to work to create a personal financial plan that will help you accomplish your objectives. Among other things, this might include a review of your investment portfolio, the creation of a retirement strategy, or perhaps an analysis of your current tax and estate plan.

After your plan has been prepared, we’ll meet with you to address your goals based on the information you provided.

We’ll discuss the strengths as well as the weaknesses of your current plan, and then we’ll provide you with our professional recommendations on how to best accomplish your goals.

Once we’ve discussed your objectives and have recommended to you strategies to accomplish those objectives, we’ll work closely with you to help you implement those strategies.
You will never be alone in this process. Together, we’ll define who’s responsible for monitoring progress toward your objectives, and we’ll work closely with you towards the accomplishment of your long-term financial objectives.

For more information about other services, please contact us.